Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Respect

I'm not sure why I can't seem to get any respect from the great state of Georgia (see my previous post). The feeling is NOT mutual. Nevertheless, here are some excerpts from a thread on discussing my 2011 predictions for Georgia State (my "for the record" updates are interleaved):

"They have us losing against West Alabama"

"I was noticing the same thing. I find it odd they say we have a better shot at beating USA than West Alabama. I know it's a home game vs a road game but really? Are those two even the same caliber of team?"

    For the record: GSU 27 - USA 20, GSU 23 - West Alabama 30

"Also has us losing to Murray State. Sigh....computers."

    For the record: GSU 24 - Murray State 48

"Predicted score against CAU is 37-12...garbage."

    For the record: GSU 41 - CAU 7 (not sure what's close enough for "not garbage")

To the credit of the Georgia State football team, they played an extremely tough schedule (9 of 11 opponents finished the regular season with winning records).